Tim Ryan Predicts More Democrats Will Urge Biden to Step Aside


As the Democratic Party’s chances of retaining the White House continue to dwindle, a growing number of lawmakers are questioning President Joe Biden’s ability to lead the ticket. Former Representative Tim Ryan, who ran for Senate in 2022, warns that the President’s vulnerable position could prompt more House Democrats to call for his withdrawal from the campaign.

Ryan, one of the first prominent Democrats to publicly urge Biden to step aside, believes that the President’s age and perceived mental acuity are major concerns for many lawmakers. He predicts that as the party returns to Washington this week, more Democrats will voice their concerns about running under a Biden ticket, fearing it will damage their own chances of re-election.

“It’s going to drag everybody else down,” Ryan said, emphasizing the gravity of the situation. “I think that’s a major, major concern for [House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries], who’s a phenomenal leader, but I think his members, donors, and activists around the country are very, very concerned.”

Five House Democrats, including Rep. Angie Craig of Minnesota, have already publicly called on Biden to step aside, citing concerns about his age and ability to lead the party. The sentiment is also gaining traction in the Senate, where Senator Mark Warner of Virginia is reportedly attempting to gather support among his Democratic colleagues to urge Biden to leave the race.

Despite the growing pressure, Biden has remained resolute in his decision to continue his campaign, vowing to stay in the race until the end.

Jack Birle
Jack Birle
Jack Birle is a breaking news reporter. A 2022 graduate of Villanova University with majors in communication and political science, he has previous journalism experience with the Center Square and as a fellow with the National Journalism Center. He was born in Pennsylvania and grew up in Southern California.

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