'SHOULDNT BE HAPPENING': Oakland gas station victim of 'scary' flash mob robbery


Sam Mardaie, owner of an Oakland gas station that was ransacked in a flash mob robbery, speaks out about the Bay Area crime crisis on ‘Fox & Friends Weekend.’

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  1. This has become commonplace in the USA thanks to people like Choe Piden, Gavin Newsom, Bill DeBlasio, Lori Lightfoot, Brandon Johnson and those of their ilk. If you want more of it, keep voting for them.

  2. Trump's list of criminal cases Convicted & Pending:

    New York: Falsifying business records -> Guilty on all 34 FELONY counts NY PEN 175.10 §

    Florida: Mishandling of classified documents

    Washington D.C.: Attempting to overturn the 2020 U.S. presidential elections

    Georgia: Attempting to change the outcome of the 2020 U.S. presidential election in Georgia

  3. It's amazing how people navigate life without knowing what's going on in our country. I mean my homegirl votes but I can guarantee that she is very uninformed democratic robot voter.

  4. "But we don't need to act right or learn anything, we can just chill all day and listen to rap music cuz we own all ⬜ Dems by default 🤣"
    -laughing ⬛🟫

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