Thieves in LA Steal Copper for Quick Cash


Thieves are increasingly targeting scrap metal across the U.S. for quick profits, focusing on items like catalytic converters, copper wires, statues, and other metals.

Scrap centers, where stolen goods are often sold, face challenges distinguishing legitimate from stolen items. While some, like Active Recycling in Los Angeles, refuse obviously stolen goods, the practice remains profitable elsewhere.

The theft of copper wiring from LA’s Sixth Street Bridge recently left the landmark in darkness, underscoring the allure of copper, which currently fetches about $4.50 per pound. Brass, another popular target, commands $2.41 per pound due to rising demand.

In Los Angeles County, more than 300 fire hydrants have been stolen since last year, primarily for their brass and copper components. Tragically, actor Johnny Wactor was fatally shot during an attempted catalytic converter theft in downtown LA in May.

Nancy Loo
Nancy Loo
Digital Reporter. Nancy Loo is an Emmy Award-winning journalist who brings an extensive background of international reporting to Truth Voices. Nancy’s career took her on news assignments to England, China, Japan, Taiwan, North and South Korea, Thailand and the Philippines. Born in Hong Kong and raised in Northern California, Nancy earned a bachelor’s degree in broadcast journalism at the University of Oregon.

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