Dana Perino: Hunter Biden’s legal problems pale in comparison to what’s coming Sept 5


‘The Five’ co-hosts react to the White House not ruling out commutation for Hunter Biden’s gun conviction and discuss his upcoming tax trial.

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  1. To that blonde and all the others in the msm, if the family really cared about hunter and his addiction etc.,why didn't they have an intervention, rehab him or Baker Act him years ago?

  2. Hunter Biden is , "Guilty" just as sure the Sun shines!!! A, "Commutation" or "Pardon" should NEVER even be considered!!! It would be a severe slap in the face of those who were found guilty of a similar crime!!! Donald Trump must , "Set the Bar" on this and make sure that Hunter Biden and the rest of his family be tried and convicted of their crimes…The "Biden Brand" must end and be put forever behind Bars of Steel!!!

  3. No way should Hunter Biden get soft treatment. Uuummm hello major crimes have been committed by Hunter and the Biden crime family no way should that happen. The best interests for our country is to make them a example of what tractors get for the highest crimes in our country get .

  4. Judge Jeannie is ah sum; the blonde is delusional. They were there for the cash. Hunter has animus with Jill; he refers to her as a kunt. There is no love there, only money and power. Dr. Jill conveniently overlooked a Christmas stocking for Hunter's daughter, Navy, when even the Devil Dog, Commander, was represented. Dr. Jill isn't a doctor, and she's neither kind nor compassionate. Remember, the Biden Brand is lying and cheating, and they are all masters of the art.

  5. They are doing this to give an excuse for him backing out for this election. These phony media types stating how such a good guy both are with thousands of facts stating otherwise.

  6. people keep telling me NO ONE HAS GONE TO JAIL FOR Lying ON THIS FORM……….. well if the government isn't going to press charges for this crime then they should stop b*&$%ing about the gun crimes.

  7. There are hundreds of thousands of theives, con men, rapists, pedos, murderers that walk among us every day, thst don't have criminal records, yet. Joe biden is a criminal and a traitor, he just hasn't been charged yet

  8. Republicans blocked the Supreme Court ethics bill because Clarence Thomas refused to disclose millions in gifts from Harlan Crow and then ruled on case where Harlan could make 100s of millions of dollars NOTHING TO SEE THERE

  9. ". . . seated together in front row 'cause they're a very close family,"
    Always ready with a quip, Greg jumps in with "TOO close" — of course referring to the Biden daughter's diary establishing and COMPLAINING about 'family man' Joe maneuvering on numerous occasions to take joint showers with her. And the icky memories have 'effed' her up.
    Fathers' Day on the horizon: what does a grown young woman within the First Family get as a Fathers' Day gift for her incestuous-minded dad? And it WON'T and CAN'T be a repeat performance hidden from view.

  10. Trump better not say a word about hunter because they've abused trump's kids nightly during RUSSIA RUSSIA and its not over YET. Trump could lose and might end up in prison next month. They raided his home for crying out load with tactical gear…. f them. The Chinese spies giving them diamonds and there association with everyone they've said Trump was involved with makes the difference why trunos should just focus himself and let them lay in the bed they made for Biden family. They got the money .those diamonds are around and remember those wree for access to classified documents which Hunter prob set up.

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