They’re trying to ‘destroy’ judges because they’re conservative: Sen. Lindsey Graham


Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., joins ‘Fox News Sunday’ to discuss whether the Supreme Court should have a stronger ethics code, President Biden’s border executive action and ‘slow-walking’ weapons to Israel.

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  1. Every SCOTUS judge should have a partisan sponsor, right Ms. Lindsey? You won't mind it when Liberal SCOTUS judges get their lives funded by wealthy liberal partisans, right Ms. Lindsey?

  2. States need to control federal spending money. Letting the people decide what they want to spend our money on. Funding other countries' wars isn't beneficial for Americans. Governments start wars, not people.

  3. Сегодня американскими ракетами в Севастополе убили маленьких детей много пострадавших. За что???????
    Почему украина стреляет по мирным гражданам. Детям. !!!!!!!!!
    НАТО убийцы 😡!
    Байден убийца детей!

  4. Speaking of judges, a Nevada judge has dismissed the "fake electors" case against 6 Republicans because the Democrat DA went venue shopping to try to land it in a Democratic stronghold.
    The pendulum is beginning to swing back.👍😀🇺🇲

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