‘THEY’RE IN TROUBLE’: Trump’s deep-blue campaigning ‘rattles’ Biden


Fox News contributor Byron York discusses former President Trump rallying thousands in Philadelphia and polls showing him gaining ground with Black voters on ‘Fox & Friends Weekend.’

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    Be carefuly, because the DIRTY DEMOC_RATS will use again the " NOT SECRET WEAPON " of …………………….millions mailing BALLOTS …….NO ID VERIFICATION ……DEAD from CEMETERY VOTES ……..DOUBLE TRIPLE RESIDENTS VOTES …….SOFTWARE – INTERNET SERVERS !

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  3. I want to be proud of my President and country again. 😢. Right now, I’m not feeling very patriotic. I am embarrassed to say I’m an American because of the Biden administration. I hope Trump can be the answer. Please God, help our country, please unite us, again. ❤🙏 our country does not feel United anymore. 😢😢

  4. Trump's campaign promises.
    Defund all public schools
    Take away women's rights
    Imprison immigrants.
    Give guns to children
    No healthcare unless you're wealthy
    All corporations won't have to pay taxes or their employees.
    To all American workers, he promises you won't be paid overtime and will have to work a 70 hour workweek.
    Great guy.

  5. We won NY red district from Congress woman Santos and Democrat wins Alabama special election in red district after campaigning on abortion rights and IVF

    The Biden campaign called the result a “major warning sign for Trump" and his attacks on reproductive rights

  6. People that believe things without PROOF are FOOLS AND IDIOTS…
    TRUMP (Fellon and Glorified Landlord) Johnson,Giuliani/ Comer/Lake/Fox "news"/ Habba ETC, ETC, ETC…
    WHERE IS YOUR PROOF the election was "stolen"
    WHERE IS YOUR PROOF the trial was rigged
    WHERE IS YOUR PROOF Mr,Biden is "crooked"
    WHERE IS YOUR PROOF Mr,Bidens "numbers are rigged"
    WHERE IS YOUR PROOF The trial was a witch hunt.
    WHERE IS YOUR PROOF that people who dont believe you are "commies"
    WHERE IS YOUR PROOF Mr, Biden is "incompetent"

  7. Despite the 85-degree heat, Philadelphia residents came out in record numbers to hear Obama speak at Independence Mall Friday night. According to the Obama campaign, the rally drew a crowd of 35,000 – his largest so far.

  8. The hope of the people of God is never in political power. Let me say that again. Our greatest power is not political and the minute you believe that your greatest power is political, your greatest power is political influence, you will compromise the gospel. It always happens. You see, our power is the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ because the gospel of the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ has the power to do what politics could never, ever do; and that is rescue and transform the heart of a person. America Bless God Again!!!% Sic Semper Tyrannis, Deus Lo Vult 🔥🙏⚔🛡✝️🇬🇪🏴⛪️

  9. Trump also accused Hillary Clinton of taking performance enhancing drugs. How desperate are republicans? Good god, they really should have more dignity than that.

  10. Obriben’s campaign is NOT concerned at all. They KNOW they will “win” because they have already corrected the mistakes they made last time. WAKE UP, PEOPLE! WE CAN’T LET THE DEMS GET AWAY WITH ANOTHER RIGGED ELECTION! Our country can’t take four more years of this corrupt regime.

  11. These pitiful rallies the Fox bootlicker have been pouring pro-grade turd polish on are just so Trump can pretend to be campaigning while he shovels money into his properties and legal defenses. Trump is just making it to the places that are cheap, convenient to the fund raising from actual billionaires, and in venues that will still have the Trump show, that is notorious for not paying their bills. He has spent no money on an actual ground game. He's not even trying to win. He just promising everybody everything that he thinks they want but he can't actually do. It doesn't matter because he just trying to keep the con going asong as possible.

  12. Those people are so used to people suckinup and kissing their rear, they go Into complete meltdown when someone points out they aren't the messiah and are actually pretty unintelligent, that just can't be , they got paperwork , and none of all of this is their fault, they are used to just throwing some whacked out plan out there and they expect people to just say it's the wisest thing ever, ( like the trolls here) and it's the stooooopd sh– ever. But it's great, Those sanctions on Russia, has practically destroyed the west, and hasn't hurt pooty poot a bit…

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