The military’s supposed to be based on meritocracy: Pete Hegseth


Fox News co-host and ‘The War on Warriors’ author Pete Hegseth picks apart the role of diversity, equity and inclusion in the military on ‘The Big Weekend Show.’

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  1. The same is happening in all Western Armies. Namely because the Generals in charge are politically minded for their career, instead of their REAL JOB of looking after their men.

  2. Fun fact: Another disaster at the so-called " black church" with a 95% white, imported audience.. desperate!!! But, but, but the polls said… 👈😅🤣😅🤣😅🤣😅🤣😅🤣😅🤣

  3. I guess we will see how DEI will play out once the enemies of America test us. I'm already learning Mandarin and getting used to bowing, clearly there's not much support or belief that some men in dresses and who crumble mentally over words/pronouns will save our republic. God help us.

  4. Oh FFS.
    The $787,500,000 Numpties at fox fake news have gone back to "woke". As soon as I saw that they interviewed DeSatan I knew the whining about woke would start-up.
    They still can't explain what it is that they're whining about but hey, that's not stopped the fox numpties before.

  5. All those office holding afrikaan-americans got truck loads of cash off american white folk. They're going to move to afrikaa and live f@t from the coin they took. The same goes for Mr powder Biden and team. They have loads of Cash. Their families will live off it for generations.

  6. It's nearly impossible to become an officer without university. That's where it started. In America, collegiate nepotism stands in for the European nobility. It's exclusionary and elitist.

  7. Dig into AI software/programming. It's corrupted and has been intentionally by political biased programming against republicans/conservatives.
    AI, is a cover-up for bending the masses to dei and woke doctrine; and turning favor towards democratic/liberal views.

  8. love listening to the right opinion on anything else except Trumps cognitive problem. fox news are such snowflakes and keep trying to deflect the real issue. Donald little hands diaper wearing Trump.

  9. Woke in the military? be specific … i wonder why recruitment is down …. DJT asks at those who served and died as suckers .. "what's in it for them " he asks publically. The Bidens served as Marines .. any Trumps ever served .. Barron to serve?

  10. What would we be telling the military if Donmentia becomes president?

    Felons cannot join the military if they are on probation or parole, in jail, or facing criminal charges, including misdemeanor offenses and felony crimes.

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