‘Cowards’ still assembling to protest Israel: Kilmeade


Fox News host Brian Kilmeade decries the media’s treatment of antisemitism and the rescue of Israeli hostages on ‘One Nation.’

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  1. One last bit of info for those who care: The King, sent his code, to reprogram man's DNA/RNA –
    This is what happens..the side effects will soon pass.
    "We did it for the kingdom's children."

  2. Hate is the result of man's marriages to twisted desires.
    From unseen places, it's nourished and has spread everywhere.
    For a special reason…
    To end it once and for all time, uprooting the containers which harbor it. (First and foremost) These (protestors) are being forced out in the light against their wills.

  3. So, is the United States the new "front line" in the Israel v Hamas war???

    I personally focus on one thing. Think of how brilliant it would be if these protesters also demand the return of all hostages.

    Yet they can not stomach it. Not even one humanitarian expression. Their hatred will not let them.

    The pro-hamas protesters are showing their true colors. Do not forget it. The protests began right away, well before Israel struck back. Protestors did not even take a second to acknowledge the Hamas terror attack. Dwell on that. Let it sink in. Know you adversary.

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