The Joke’s on the US: Italian Outlets Mock Biden’s Shaky Debate Performance


As President Joe Biden struggles to maintain international credibility, the United States has inadvertently become the punchline to a global joke. Biden’s increasingly shaky performances have raised alarm bells worldwide, with European media outlets like Italy’s La Repubblica and Corriere della Sera pouncing on the president’s declining health.

Yesterday’s presidential debate between Biden and Donald Trump was a cringe-worthy debacle, with La Repubblica calling it “a disaster for the Democratic Party.” The newspaper now believes Biden lacks any chance of re-election, citing a stark contrast with Trump’s vibrant appearance.

An Italian TV station previously aired a skit mocking Biden’s cognitive decline, solidifying international ridicule of the president.

Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera remarked that it was unnecessary to underline Biden’s ineffectiveness, as his vulnerability spoke for itself. Biden seemed lost in the conversation, speaking softly, haltingly, and giving the impression he was struggling to sustain his train of thought.

This chaotic performance has triggered anxiety in some Democratic circles. With only four weeks until the Democratic National Convention, strategists are facing an unsettling truth: should they keep Biden on the ballot or explore alternative candidates?

One thing is clear – Biden’s flagging credibility has set ablaze concerns about his electoral prospects, forcing the party to acknowledge the weight of his uncharacteristic behavior.

Sarah Arnold
Sarah Arnold
Staff writer.

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