Philadelphia Inquirer Sticks Out from the Pack with Unconventional Debate Assessment


In the wake of the presidential debate, controversy has surrounded President Joe Biden’s performance, with many critics claiming he looked lost and confused. The majority of polls indicate that Biden lost the debate to former President Donald Trump, prompting increasing calls for him to be replaced as the Democrat’s nominee. However, the Philadelphia Inquirer deviated from this narrative, suggesting it is Trump, not Biden, who should withdraw from the race.

The Inquirer‘s editorial board acknowledged Biden’s debate performance was subpar, but argues that Trump’s divisive rhetoric and actions render him a greater threat to democracy. In contrast to the four major newspapers that recently called for Biden to step down as nominee, the Inquirer believes Trump should cease his presidential bid.

While condemning Trump’s performance, the Inquirer acknowledged Biden’s decline, stating “He’s 81 and not as sharp as he used to be.” Nevertheless, the publication considers Biden a more palatable candidate than Trump, praising Biden’s demeanor during the debate. On the other hand, the newspaper blasted Trump’s divisive rhetoric and pessimistic views on the country’s future, highlighting his comments on the nation’s supposedly failing state and the threat of World War III.

The editorial board concluded that the country would be better served with Trump removed from the political arena.

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