The Great Exodus: Why People Are Fleeing Democratic-Run States in Droves


Recent migration patterns in the United States reveal a striking trend: people are fleeing Democratic-run states in droves. According to the Internal Revenue Service’s latest data, which tracks taxpayer migration from 2021, the top five states gaining new residents and income are all Republican-led: Florida, Texas, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee.

These states have seen significant influxes of taxpayers, with Florida gaining 245,000 new residents and $36 billion in adjusted gross income, followed closely by Texas, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee. In contrast, Democratic-run states such as California, New York, Illinois, Massachusetts, and New Jersey have been hemorrhaging taxpayers, with California losing a staggering 307,000 residents and $23.8 billion.

Democratic apologists have attempted to dismiss this trend, citing the notion that people are simply moving from cold states in the Northeast to warmer climates in the South. However, this explanation fails to account for California’s massive exodus. With its year-round temperate climate, California is an attractive destination for many. Something must be deeply wrong with the state’s governing party for so many people to be leaving in such large numbers.

The common thread among Democratic-run states is their struggle to provide affordable living conditions. Out-of-control environmental groups have succeeded in imposing expensive taxes and mandates, driving up gas and residential electricity prices. California, in particular, has become notorious for its astronomical costs, with prices far exceeding the national average.

The services delivered by Democratic-controlled states are also woefully inadequate. Powerful government unions, which prioritize their own interests over those of taxpayers, have created a culture of inefficiency and corruption. Governors in these states often send their children to private schools, recognizing that public education has become a toxic environment.

To fund their inefficient and corrupt systems, Democratic states have resorted to raising taxes to alarming levels, driving businesses away and rendering their economies uncompetitive. Republican-run states, on the other hand, offer a more attractive proposition, with lower taxes, lower energy costs, and better housing affordability.

While no state is perfect, Republican-led states at least have the potential for more effective governance, untainted by the corrupting influence of government unions. As voters prepare to cast their ballots this November, the stark contrast between the Democratic and Republican agendas is clear: higher taxes, higher energy costs, and higher housing unaffordability versus lower taxes, lower energy costs, and better housing affordability. Many Americans have already made their choice, and it’s telling.

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