Economic expert issues urgent warning to voters: We are growing in the ‘wrong direction’


FreedomWorks senior economist Steve Moore weighs in on President Biden’s 2024 presidential campaign as the U.S. economy continues to struggle.

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  1. Biden is failing so Trump is asked to take a cognitive test. No. As someone else said… Who is refusing to leave the presidency? Thought they said it was Trump.. Looks like Biden to me.

  2. Ok I talk to America one last time and that is it. If you are scared don’t be scared because no one got your back but yourself. So if you are scared remember no one got your back but yourself and your people. So if you are scared don’t be because you have your back and your people have your back. If you guys are all scared then you are all going to be scared forever. That was easy was it. I am done talking and I am not an American.

  3. Joe keeps coming out with bald faced lies and fantasies – does he know how bad he's doing, what damage he's done to the States. Worst president ever.

  4. Cities like Albany Ga are the reason for the attack on Joe Biden. Immigration, poverty, famine, and Hiv cases plus terrorism is why President Biden is being ridiculed. Hopefully he'll investigate Albany Ga with a forensic scientist and technology.

  5. Joe has wrecked a lot of things – faith in the USA financial system, faith in the USA legal system, Faith in the USA media, now it looks like his path of destruction may actually include the Democratic party itself.

  6. Buddy. If you are out working its killing young couples . I'm grown and I couldn't handle raising a family right now are economy stinks you don't have to tell anyone Trump just needs to run on his record leave green new deal to china

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