‘The Five’: Musk Predicts Jobs Will Evolve into ‘Hobbies’


‘The Five’ co-hosts discuss Elon Musk’s prediction that jobs will become like a ‘hobby’ as AI progresses.

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  1. Exactly like that movie "Her" starring Joaquin Phoenix and Scarlett Johansson. Especially the part when the A.I. tells him she's dating 25,000 other people simultaneously.

  2. This is the guy that says that mankind will be going to Mars by 2029 and colonizing it by 2050.
    Elon Musk is not the free speech hero you think he is, go to his platform and try to tell the true story of his career.
    It doesn’t matter if you have a blue checkmark you won’t be there long

  3. É muito estranho. Ao te ver…fotos..e outros registros fotografias de Ellon Musk é como já o conhecer a milênios. Já sei. Foi a Indonésia. A tá. Então. 🧬 Longa a todos que estiver a ler o comentário. Amém.

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