Shannon Bream: Biden’s Latest News Conference Marred by ‘Fumbling’


‘The Five’ co-hosts discuss how President Biden appeared to struggle remembering questions during a news conference.

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  1. 🦆 Deadly Drugs coming across the border are killing over 100,000 Americans a year.
    🦆 Democrats reading this will just ignore it because this information makes Democrats look Bad.
    🦆 Democrats will sneer at anyone who says Democrat Policies are hurting them personally.
    🦆 Democrats have nothing to point at and say this is what we are doing to Make America Great Again

  2. There’s just so much manure the msm can shovel out on to citizens before no one will believe them anymore. Biden can’t be protected without completely ruining all their credibility. Americans are beginning to wake up

  3. And Trump should be running on just that tell everybody put it out there on air that if he is too old to stand trial like me as Donald Trump, then he is too old to be your president

  4. If he is in capable of standing trial on the document scheme that he did when he was back as a senator if he is too stupid to stand trial or too old, however they put it then he is too old to be our president or run in the next election if he cannot stand trial, he cannot do it

  5. You don’t have to like Trump. Nobody is asking you to have dinner with the guy. You do, however, have to ask yourself if you are better off today or 4 years ago. AND, BE HONEST.

  6. Could this actually be an act to avoid federal prosecution after his presidency? With his Title 8/1324 felonies alone he could spend the rest of his life in prison. Or even an investigation into why he was so focussed on non-Nato Ukraine years before Russia attacked. He had zero interest in Georgia which was the exact same situation. His kid has no retirement, maybe follow the money and see who is funding Biden's anti American agenda. They may be funding his son's retirement.

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