‘The Five’ Discusses Hunter Biden’s Guilty Verdict


‘The Five’ co-hosts respond to Hunter Biden found guilty on all counts in his historic federal gun trial.

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  1. As much as I enjoy listening to Gutfeld as a political comedian, I have to admit that this evening, when he defended Hunters 2nd amendment rights, I had to do a slow clap. G'Dam, I guess this is why I think of myself as a Libertarian! You go Gutfeld, you go!

  2. It's Better to "Build Boys" Than "Mend Men". An excellent book written by devout Christian, original CEO of Chick-fil-a, my youngest sons Sunday School Teacher and my childhood neighbor. The late/great S. Truett Cathay.

  3. If you didn't notice Hunter had to pull his dad's hand off of the little girl and then he bent down looking like he sniffed her hair . Hunter saw what was happening and that was just gross.

  4. Wow….Hunter married this chick 6 days after meeting. The wedding was in her apartment. She’s almost 20 years younger than him. And about 6-7 years older than his daughter. She got preggo asap. She became a citizen right after the wedding. Classy. 🤮

  5. Hey folks, we need to now start saying convicted felon just like they do with Trump meanwhile Trump did 1/3 of what he did nowhere near the extended it is for Hunter, but Trump gets a confection makes sense

  6. Now everybody on the left will say the trial was all politicized, that they’re only going after Hunter because of his dad, that throwing a firearm in a public trash can is no big deal. I really wouldn’t care if it was political, they threw everything at Trump for the last eight years with no convictions, and finally got him for some ridiculous charge. So yeah, some on the right were getting tired of all the two tiered justice system, and convicted Hunter for a real crime.
    I wonder if the broads on the view are going to report it, and what they will say to spin it in their favor.

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