Polling Shows Media’s ‘Convicted Felon’ Label for Trump is Ineffective


Democrats’ and the establishment media’s strategy of repeatedly calling former President Donald Trump a “convicted felon” following the Manhattan jury verdict is not working, Lara Trump said during an exclusive interview with Breitbart.

Lara Trump was asked if the label would affect the former president among suburban women, and she asserted that the strategy is not effective.

“Those are real-life issues. And I think they’re much more concerned with that than any label ever put on Donald Trump, anything that he may have tweeted in the past, and I think it’s why you’ve seen a huge shift in his direction, even following the jury verdict,” she said, highlighting that the left’s tactics are not as impactful as intended.

“And we know that folks in the mainstream media are going to love to call Donald Trump a convicted felon. It’s literally been the only thing they’ve been banking on. Obviously, it’s not working because his poll numbers just after the verdict have actually gone up,” she pointed out.

“And so whether it’s suburban women, whether it’s Black voters, Hispanic voters, everyone’s life is suffering right now, and people want to get back to normalcy. They want their country back. They want their life back. They want peace agreements in the Middle East instead of wars in the Middle East. And they know who brought it to them, and I believe that’s why they’re going to go out and vote for Donald Trump,” the RNC co-chair predicted.

WATCH the full interview below or click here if you’re on the app.

Hannah Knudsen
Hannah Knudsen
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