Teens Charged with Stealing Dog and Trying to Extort Owner in NYC


Two teens are accused of dognapping a dachshund named Milkshake from a New York apartment last month and attempting to extort the owner for money, the New York Post reported.

“As of right now, Milkshake is not recovered,” Chief of Detectives Joseph Kenny told reporters during a Tuesday press conference. “They inform us that Milkshake ran away. We checked all the shelters who still have posters up, but Milkshake is nowhere to be found.”

“I don’t believe the dog ran away,” Kenny added. “Either they gave it to somebody or sold it.”

Owner Luz Montanez, 34, previously told The Post that Milkshake, a 10-year-old female dachshund, was stolen while she was distracted during her young son’s birthday party on May 4.

The NYPD released a video last week showing the dog following the two teenagers down a hallway, up and down the stairs, and toward the door of the Bronx building on Tiffany Street near Westchester Avenue, according to the report.

Kenny said the alleged thieves began contacting Montanez demanding she send them money through CashApp in exchange for the dog after she hung up missing posters around the neighborhood.

“The two perpetrators do call her, try a little bit of extortion,” Kenny said. “[They said,] ‘We’ll give you your dog back if you give us money.’”

“Kids start calling her, start messing with her, start fooling with her,” Kenny said, noting that the suspects live in the same building as Montanez.

Milkshake had not been returned by Tuesday, and police do not know where she is.

Montanez told the publication Milkshake was only three weeks old when she received her as a present from her dad, and that she “even bottle-fed the pup and kept her baby teeth in a jar,” according to the report.

“Milkshake is legit the first child. I call her my favorite,” she said. “I mean, both of my kids are my favorite… I tell her, ‘You’re my favorite dog. And I tell my [son], ‘You’re my favorite human.’ These are both my kids!”

“This is my baby. This is my soulmate,” she added. “This is my heart, my heartbeat. She’s been through everything with me.”

Katherine Hamilton
Katherine Hamilton
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