Sen. Josh Hawley: This is a ‘Mass Amnesty’


Missouri Sen. Josh Hawley explains his concerns with the Biden administration’s approach to the border crisis and calls for a return to Trump-era policies.

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  1. Man we the people in the United States of America's corporation is for the people by the people and will allow these elite assholes to Rob us and give our money away the question is what are we the people going to do

  2. Republicans are just salty now because they have nothing else to run on. FACTS, and they are lying through their teeth asylum cases aren't getting canceled, if they legit got asylum claim, they have to wait, and if they don't got legit asylum claims they get taken back to Mexico, we all know the Republicans are racist byron donalds proved that yesterday on live tv, Hawley can't do nothin

  3. Odd republicans support Trump when most can’t list any accomplishments that helped the USA. (Not to mention his criminal record.) They’re so desperate they’ll even lie and say easily disproved things like he achieved energy independence even though we never stopped importing oil, and they fight against green energy!
    Conversely they oppose Biden despite his many accomplishments like capping insulin prices, saving us trillions with the infrastructure bill, the chip act, the first economy to beat China since 1976 etc

  4. Half a million cases CANCELLED… are NOT illegal.

    This IS a racist country. PERIOD.

    IDK how so many of my Beautiful Black Peoples cain't see the klu klux klansfolk behind their white friends and families. Even after they George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and Trevon Martin us in the street and our own sanctuaries. All the while setting legislative loopholes to allow for prosecutorial discretion and avoiding to set judicial precedence.

    White supremecy did not kidnap, shackle and bring my African ancestors to this land to prosper at our own drums.

    Decendants of African Slaves are not immigrants to this country. While others migrate here knowing full well what they're selling themselves for.

    WS burn DoAS out of our communities after herding us into large cities as we flee your kind's hatred. Then deny our applications for promotion. In doing so, we are unable to defend ourselves in court against the 'illuminated' who write their own contracts and constitutions.

    It is important to find comfort in our personal achievements and successes. But to pretend that your WS friends and families would stand between us and their own, only enable and enforce their audacity to lie to our faces, cheat to stay ahead and steal our souls to save face with their own kinds.

    Twenty trillion in FEDERAL reperations for DoAS are due and rising…

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