Ted Cruz says Trump’s promise on this could bring him a WIN


‘The Big Weekend Show’ panelists react to Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, arguing former President Trump could ‘win big’ in Nevada on his commitment to exempt tips from federal income taxes.

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  1. imagine hearing the great, disgusting, orange grifter talking about your wife the way ol' dirt bag donnie talks about Cruz's wife and then crawl back up inside the rancid, fetid colon of the same swine … Unbelievable … Makes Jonestown and scientology look like upstarts when it comes to cultist freaks

  2. Trump promised an infrastructure plan & never delivered
    Trump promised a healthcare plan & never delivered
    Trump promised a middle class tax cut & never delivered
    Trump promised a record jobs & never delivered
    Trump lost the most jobs in modern American history=Failure!

  3. lol what Ted call Trump after Trump talked about Ted’s wife 😂😂😂, now he supports him. Nobody see’s anything wrong with that? Sniffing coward I believe was the name Ted used to hit back a Trump after he talked about his wife and mother of his kids. 🤦🏽‍♂️ now he cool with him. 😂😂 yall some trash.

  4. No one should've taxed on tips or money gived to them or anything give to them.people needs to be able live.demoncraps use to be the party help the poor but now they steal from the poor an give to the poorer.

  5. We don't have to pander like that. How many are going to work for a dollar with (wink) a $1000 tip)? Leave these type of things to the Democrats. It's never going to actually happen.

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