Mark Levin: This is a very serious issue


Fox News host Mark Levin raises alarm over President Biden’s mental fitness on ‘Life, Liberty & Levin.’

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  1. I don't respect a nation that agreed to live a lie in '08. We have not had our first black potus. We had a Malato. Svience fact. When our first truly black potus comes, and he will…he'll correct the lie.

  2. My mother passed from Parkinsons… question is…Where Is That Witch Jill?…omg..think of this going on your own family…I could never let anybody i loved walk around like this!!!!

  3. Fun fact; He layed out everything we see trumpito do at every rally. Repeating the same lies, believing in fictional people like "Hannibal Lector." Desperate! 👈😅🤣😅🤣😅

  4. Biden is not fit to run this country. He has plenty of money. He should retire. But the left will do whatever it takes to stay in power and the Bidens have an obligation to China after they gave them all that money.

  5. It doesn’t bother the Democrats they got this. The night of the inauguration of Ronald Reagan in 1984 the Soviets timed a shipment of fighter jets to Nicaragua on the night of the election. The Democrats didn’t care that communism was spreading through Central America that’s when I knew as a young boy what the Democrats were all about

  6. I used to be a Republican until I was given no choice to vote for a candidate. Donald Trump was shoved down everybody’s throat. And most of us Republicans don’t like the guy what don’t you people at Fox News get

  7. Fools to think a billionaire cares about the average person and not power. Fools to trust an entertainment company owned by a billionaire with an agenda. Fools to vote with emotions and not rational thought.

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