Ted Cruz Claims No Senate Democrat Prioritizes Border Security


Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, discusses a migrant saying the U.S. is too easy to get into on ‘The Story.’

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  1. I know this for fact, my letter to Sen Merkley OR about taking the Mayorkas impeachment issue seriously was met with a disgusting reply about "people that moved here". . . Since then I have changed my voter registration to Republican, and for the first time in my life I have donated to political candidates.

  2. The ultimate goal is to secure a position in the new world order, second goal is to have millions of illegal aliens vote for the Democratic machine that rewards them. Apportionment is already in the works as is the distribution of imported liabilities to red states.

  3. China is laughing and China is the biggest winners of all this. China is manufacturing goods to supply the world. But America doesn't produce nothing since only steal tax payers money by creating wars and diseases to steal moneys.

  4. How many terrorists are already in USA since 2020???? How many prisoners from others countries r already in without checking who's who? Where they came from? I never see anything like that in my life. These politicians r dangerous.
    Do they care about the next generation? No!

  5. Kaitlin Collins made Cruz come completely unglued and hysterical. He never got that unhinged over Trump calling his wife ugly and saying his dad killed JFK. I was like he was having a nervous breakdown live on air. Many people were concerned.

  6. They're just following Obama's orders to fundamentally change our country.
    This invasion needs to be stopped in its tracks now.
    Seal the border and lock it down.
    Progressives think that anybody that lives on US soil is allowed to vote.
    How wrong they are.
    If you want change and you want America to prosper vote for Donald J. Trump.
    If you believe in America's national security vote Donald J. Trump.
    If you believe in America's energy independence vote for Donald J. Trump

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