Jesse Watters Claims AOC is Envious of Trump’s Bronx Rally Turnout


Fox News host Jesse Watters unpacks former President Trump’s campaign event in South Bronx on ‘Jesse Watters Primetime.’

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  1. This is what happens when you steal an election and you're not prepared to send you around Biden!!!!! Now let's get back on track to live in a good life instead of struggling for every morsel of food, rent money. The hatred that's going around the world the wars everything Thank you Jesus!! I voted for Trump The first time the second time and I will vote for him again! Biden has never been my president, President Donald j Trump is the only present I recognize. Here we go

  2. AOC Doesn't look cute anymore. Her face seems harder and slightly twisted. Is it the hate-speech she's been spewing that has contorted her entire face? What a shame, she used to be hot, now she's NOT!😢

  3. Gettina SMIDGE to "dramatic" Mr.Trumo. There's overdose every 3-4mns🇺🇸 taking another kid, parent, friend, neighbor, class mate,, on & """. I agree with lady, he should talk numbers and drop the dramatic tone kinda soft

  4. you viewers are lied to by fox and trump they don't tell you the truth look into the fbi fact of the search warrants of trump and Biden and the search warrant has had use of deadly force in the search warrant form for 24 years it just legal protection just incase something like wacko Texas happens again the 1st agents were ambushed

  5. Trump was president for 4 years and he did nothing for the Bronx, please explain what private citizen trump with no power can do for the Bronx ,Trump ditch NY and move to florida why people thing trump gonna do for them trump is fighting hard to stay out if Jail ,not to do for you.

  6. One word AOC… Amazon. Hell, we recently got a huge amazon distro center in a little rural community fourteen miles from here in Western PA. Didn't seem all that hard to do, but AOC was bound and determined to deny her district of the same opportunites because she wanted to "stick it to the man". What she did was stick it to her constituents. THAT is the story of the left.

  7. AOC says Brooklyn is blue Bronx is blue queens is blue and I’ll tell you why they’re blue because they are holding their breath waiting for the Democrats to do something for them I say breathe and vote for Trump because he’s going to get things done and I’m from the lower East side Manhattan 2016 2020 and I’m going again to vote 2024 for the best president ever Donald J Trump

  8. AOC has not addressed the issues of jobs either. She ran Amazon out of town costing New Yorkers thousands of jobs. New York politicians like AOC are more interested in using the city's resources to help illegal migrants instead of helping the American citizens of the Bronx who are in need.

  9. Has anyone in their entire life ever heard a democrat campaign on CUTTING taxes and putting more money in people's pockets? Democrats could care less about their constituents, the silent part Hillary didn't say out loud is that in reality her and all the democratic politicians think of all Americans as a basket of deplorables. We are nothing more than a thorn in their side that they have to waste time dealing with. Think the Democrats have your back? They are the ones that raised your taxes, hired 87,000 new IRS agents to come after you, work tirelessly at taking your freedoms away from you and are going to FORCE you into an electric vehicle. Did the Democrats ever ask you what kind of cars you wanted or are they simply shoving it down your throats by force and telling you to shut up about it! And my last question goes out to the black communities. What have the Democrats done for you? Why are you still voting for them? What is wrong with you? Biden has now taken enormous amounts of money away from you and your communities, and given it to the illegal aliens. Money that otherwise would having gone into your communities to give you and your children a better life. Well don't complain now you voted for this! And you keep voting for more abuse!

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