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St. Louis Man Accused of Killing Friend Over Affair

St. Louis Man Accused of Killing Friend Over Affair


ST. LOUIS — A man from Fenton, Missouri, is facing charges for allegedly killing a friend after discovering him with his wife in St. Louis.

Erick Phillip Clark, 36, has been charged by the St. Louis Circuit Attorney’s Office with first-degree murder, burglary, and two counts of armed criminal action. Clark remains in custody without bond.

According to court documents obtained by KTVI, a local affiliate of Truth Voices, Clark allegedly shot his friend on May 23 after catching him in a sexual encounter with his wife at the home of another mutual friend in St. Louis City.

The documents state that Clark, his wife, and the friend who was later killed had spent time at a bar before returning to the friend’s residence. Clark’s wife and the friend then told him they were heading to a store to buy more alcohol.

After waiting 45 minutes and receiving no word from his wife or friend, Clark left the home with a firearm to search for them, as detailed in the court documents.

During his search, Clark saw the vehicle that his friend and wife had used parked at the home of another mutual friend. He approached the house and reportedly heard noises he interpreted as a sexual encounter between his wife and friend. Clark then entered the home without permission.

Court documents describe how Clark “confirmed” his suspicions upon entering. Shortly afterward, he allegedly shot his friend twice, leading to the friend’s death from the injuries.

Prior to the incident, Clark, his wife, and the deceased were all friends. The court documents indicate that Clark and his wife were trying to repair their marriage after a past episode of infidelity.

Clark is scheduled for a preliminary hearing on July 1.


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