Peter Doocy: The Biden campaign isn’t talking about this


President Biden is expected to break his silence on the Trump trial from the White House after a verdict is reached.

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  1. If Republicans are to be believed, then Joe Biden's policies are the worst of any US President ever. Ok, let's say that's true. Now, looking at Trump, he is a person who praises and idolizes dictators. He's a person who has said he wants to be a dictator himself. He's a person who doesn't accept the results of a fair and legal Presidential election. He's a person who incited a riot against our own Capitol. He's a person who believes that the President of the United States should have absolute immunity just like a King or a dictator.

    I'm not saying that I love Joe Biden or you should love Joe Biden. I am saying that this country can survive a president with bad policy. I don't think this country, or our democracy, can survive a president like Trump.

  2. I, for one, hopes all of this BACKFIRES on Biden! It's obviously a kangaroo court looking for anything to stop Trump from succeeding, and it has failed miserably! Trump will be our next president and no, Mr. Biden, you will not be!😊

  3. The only threat to democracy are the Democrats. They have willfully broken election interference laws, border security and every other dumb decisions they have made. These judges in the pockets of Dems need to be removed. PS. Bobby D. You are old and irrelevant. Your views do not affect mine is the least. Like Nikki Glaser said, your night nurse is waiting in the back with warm oatmeal. Go towards the light, Bobby. Go.

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