SNEAK PEEK: Mike Rowe previews his 'shamelessly, aggressively patriotic' film


‘How America Works’ host Mike Rowe delves into his movie ‘Something to Stand For,’ which hits theaters June 27, on ‘Fox News Saturday Night.’

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  1. Just 4 yers ago Americans couldn’t find TOILET PAPER AND THOUSANDS UPON THOUSANDS of your countrymen were DYING of cOVID like nowhere else on the planet Check other countries COVID records.
    THIS WAS AMERICA DURING tramputins reign of irresponsible and ignorant THUGGERY

  2. Gotta smile and be grateful that I lead a good life and have friends and family to spend time with it's truly a blessing. There are far too many uneducated, unloved loaners in this world just like joerogain5025 and all the other dumbocrats who can't think for themselves and constantly make asses of themselves by posting uneducated statements about something they obviously don't know the first or last thing about. 😂😂

  3. My father had a 1969 Ford truck he put a Tbird engine in. It eventually got rust in the exhaust because we live on the coast and it sounded like 4 Harleys in a group with the holes in the exhaust. I used to take it to Bellevue Washington where all the stuckup noses were and people would crap their pants, the sound was a deep and loud vibration you could hear a mile away 😂

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