Family demands justice after woman is left brain-dead in LA attack


Veronica Rangel, daughter of the L.A. attack victims, and grandson William Cantabrana join ‘Fox & Friends Weekend’ to discuss how a California Democratic district attorney is trying to reduce charges for the homeless man accused of the assault.

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  1. They have two problems the people living in L.A. lawlessness D.A. in the courts full of demonrat judges appointed for Obama the people in the same agenda of lawlessness.

  2. The left is good at blaming the VICTIMS. The homeless man didn't mean to????? Let something like this happen to the da and then WHAT…bet he doesn't say it wasn't mean to happen!!!

  3. One key moment of that history is the famous Supreme Court ruling that ordered then-President Richard Nixon to hand over tapes to a special prosecutor investigating the Watergate burglary. Cannon wanted to know whether the portion of that ruling dealing with the special prosecutor applied to Smith’s appointment.

    A defense lawyer for one of the targets of a federal independent counsel probe gave a harsh review of that independent counsel by noting that "[h]is young attorneys lead him by the nose everywhere. He sees himself as some sort of purist, a puritanical figure cleansing government. His office is an outrage." That same independent counsel was also bitterly attacked by members of the same political party as his targets for purportedly engaging in a partisan investigation that resulted in partisan indictments. An attorney for another of the targets of that probe, Robert Bennett, attacked the lengthy and expensive investigation by noting that "[t]he trouble with the independent counsel's office is that there are no checks and balances… They have an unlimited budget and unlimited time. Too much depends on the integrity and judgement of the person who does the job." These statements could have easily been pulled form recent headlines, but instead they all refer to the independent counsel investigation of Lawrence Walsh, including his indictment of former Defense Secretary Caspar Weinberger, only a few days before the 1992 presidential election. 

    As the independent counsel statute expired on June 30, 1999, see 28 U.S.C. § 599, it seems unlikely that the statute will be revived in anything resembling its current form. Both political parties have now seen how an independent counsel can cause political havoc.

    Trump attorney Emil Bove pointed out that Garland had said that he had “no coordination” with Smith on the other criminal case that Smith has brought against the former president: charges alleging Trump tried to overturn the 2020 election.

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