Slovak PM Narrowly Escapes Death


Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico has been released to recuperate at home, but faces a long and challenging recovery journey after his intestine was damaged in five places during an attempted assassination.

The hospital director expressed gratitude to the Prime Minister for being a “disciplined patient” in her statement this morning, but noted that a significant and arduous recovery process lies ahead. She mentioned that rehabilitation would be neither easy nor quick.

Until now, detailed information regarding Fico’s injuries from the shooting had been scarce. However, recent revelations indicate that bullets, or fragments thereof, hit the Slovak Prime Minister in the abdomen, hip, arm, and leg. The injury to his abdomen was especially critical, with his small intestine perforated in five places.

Fico’s health is reportedly improving as expected, and he is now capable of eating and walking with a stick.

Earlier this week, government colleague Erik Kaliňák disclosed specific details about Fico’s injuries for the first time, including the damage to his intestine. He stated: “I was there [at the hospital], I talked to the doctors, and it was millimetres that determined whether… it would be fatal. The small intestine was pierced five times, but the doctors worked miracles.”

As previously reported, the suspected gunman was apprehended at the scene and has since confessed, agreeing to assist the police with their investigation. The suspect, identified as left-wing poet and activist Juraj Cintula, reportedly informed police that he aimed to remove Fico from office by shooting him, but did not intend to kill him.

Cintula’s motivation was reportedly a disagreement with Fico’s policies, particularly the Fico government’s stance on keeping Slovakia from getting involved in the Ukraine war. The gunman was reportedly very eager to see military aid sent to Kyiv. The investigation is ongoing.

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