Media and Democrats Celebrate Trump Conviction: ‘A Majestic Day’


Fox News contributor Joe Concha discusses the media’s ‘victory lap’ over the guilty verdict against former President Trump.

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  1. FYI TO THE WORLD: Prez Trump has NOT been thru the process of appeal, until then EVERYONE is subject to slander charges, indictments etc. also he is an ELDER so watch your mouths or face elder abuse charges in an elder abuse restraining order hearings !

  2. Trump University, Trump teddy bears, Trump bobblehead collectables ,Trump Cologne (De Toilette Spray), Trump airline, Trump casinos, Trump Tea, Trump Steaks, Trump mugshot shirts, hats and other products, Trump Sneakers, Trump NFT trading cards. Trump Bible, and DJT Stock. Also, two impeachments, 83.3 million dollar defamation case, and Trump is the first US president tried and convicted of crimes.

  3. Still don't know what the crime is, what law was broken or who victims are or any one was harmed? Go Figure? Bottom line, No crime, No jurisdiction, No due process. RIGGED! All this for business records w/labeling legal lawyer fees as a legal expense & using legal NDA's over something that happened in 2006 that might have affected the 2016 election on which all was already known by public B4 THE ELECTION. UNREAL! Why wait till 7/11 to sentence? Because it is just days b4 RNC convention. A total rigged trial w/biased & corrupt judge & jury prosecuted by Biden WH lawyer. It should be fast-track appealed to SCOTUS for a stay on sentencing until appeals court rules on the appeal.

  4. So who are the men that are really in charge ? Is this the end of the Bill of Rights ? Have we been taken over by a fascist world regime that plots in darkness ? Biden and his group of puppets are unable to make decisions.. The secret group of Puppetmasters cannot be impeached because they have not been elected. "Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive!" (Sir Walter Scott, 1808)

  5. The Criminals have played with our Justice System to get a stupid headline. We won't forget who is FOR Our Country, and who is against it. Fine them back to poverty, that WE have been forced to endure. america has a forgotten foundation: In God We Trust. Pray for our Restoration ❤.

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