Sean Hannity: The Democrats are panicking


Fox News host Sean Hannity reflects on President Biden’s blunders ahead of the presidential election on “Hannity.”

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  1. Biden's fund raiser attended by some of the richest elites managed to raise $30 Million.
    Meanwhile Trump's Guilty Verdict raised $51 Million and a 45 minute speech raised $75 Million

    Karine Jean-Pierre is calling EVERY reporter and camera in the world Liars, even CNN and MSNBC

  2. Being dishonest is not good policy to be addressing to the public. They're bigger fools for thinking what the USA is seeing and what the government is saying don't consistently match.

  3. You know, when you vote for a guy who was convicted of 34 felonies, it brings with it a certain amount of shame, embarrassment, and guilt, along with the expected loss of innocence and self-esteem. Sad, really. 🤔

  4. Is that why they faked a bunch of videos and pushed a Facebook posts as the truth….oh wait that was you. Is that why they paid 5 black people to fake a video on a church full of white people..oh that was you..😂😂😂

  5. Democrats are not panicked 🤪 you guys are obviously panicked! Holding fake events at unions, black churches, nascar waving at cheering fans who can’t even see him… you can spell panic with three letters f. o. X.

  6. Fox and Their lies again, Hannity you are one of the biggest LIARS around, along with the whole of the FOX Staff….Show the real footage not the clipped segments that show your AGENDA…Propaganda is all FOX is About…

  7. haha, there are three videos out today, showing Independents dumping Trump in numbers, where are those, FOX , yeah, all you can post are Biden Bashing segments, many are getting wise to your omissions!

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