RFK, Jr.: The White House has been hiding this


Independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. discusses calls for President Biden to step down and his campaign’s efforts to get on more ballots nationwide ahead of the November election on ‘Your World.’

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  1. I have cowboyed a bit in my day. Lots of alone time. Lots of time to think. You start to see things, big things that you can't see when you constantly look through the microscope of the moment.

    Never had much use for politicians, still don’t. Always thought they were a pack of lying skunks, still do. Always had the good fortune to work and ride with decent and honest men and women.

    Now days, when I look out my window, I see my Country on Her knees. She has become gravely ill and I fear losing Her. Never thought this could happen. Guess I have to say now that this is part my fault. Never voted much and when I did, never looked real close. I figured other people smarter than me would make the right choice and then keep a close eye on things to make sure it was done right. Can’t say their choice was wrong, but like me, they didn’t keep a close eye.

    I started to take a closer look after that terrible day in September when the Towers fell. I hated what I saw and began to look back so I could see ahead. Seems to me after President Kennedy was killed, things started getting bad. I can’t fault any one man for where We find Ourselves today. Guess it is more of all Our fault for trusting men and women who We gave power to and then looking away. These few men and women are now consumed with an unbridled lust for money, power, control and fame. Not sure if any of them really work for the People anymore.

    What I see now is America heading for a hard, hard fall if things don’t get turned around. By now, this should be fairly obvious to anyone paying the least bit of attention. There may be no way to stop the storm which comes Our way and We all should prepare as best We can.

    Until common men and women of good character are elected from the lowest to the highest positions, things cannot improve, they can only get worse.

    We now find Ourselves in an election cycle. I would encourage all Americans to educate themselves on their upcoming choices and view with a critical eye the choices already made.

    I hope the time has not passed to leave America a better place than We found it.

    Thank all of You for Your time and consideration.

  2. Your country has gone to S*** and now wonder why, you have idiots running the country, an ex drug user, tax cheat and other debatable crimes, a fake doctor who goes on the cover of vogue

  3. Has America woken up yet or are they still believing the leftist narrative about Biden they have propped him up for 4 years he is demented god help the world not just you in America

  4. For 250 years it has been imperfect! However,  we have had no king or Queen.
    The Court has abandoned that tradition of putting country over partisanship and set a dangerous precedent that will enable future presidents—possible Trump himself—to commit crimes without fear of accountability.

    We fought a revolution to escape an unaccountable King. This ruling creates a system like the one the founders fought to abolish and harms the constitutional order that they created. Justice Sotomayor offered a clear warning on the effects of this ruling, writing, “with fear for our democracy, I dissent.”

    Vote DEMOCRATIC in ALL elections and save our country from NAZISME.

  5. Das Ausmaß des Engagements und der aktiven Teilnahme an diesem Thread ist wirklich beeindruckend. Es ist wie ein Bienenstock intellektueller Aktivität.💚

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