Panama’s New President, Jose Raul Mulino, Signs Deal with US to Combat Illegal Immigration


In his inaugural address, Panama’s new President, Jose Raul Mulino, 65, vowed to tackle the “humanitarian and environmental crisis” of illegal immigration, which he described as a major concern for his country. To achieve this goal, Mulino signed a memorandum of understanding with the US government to stem the flow of illegal immigrants crossing the Darien Gap.

The US has agreed to help fund flights to deport illegal immigrants who are caught attempting to reach the US-Mexico border through Panama. However, the exact amount of financial support has not been disclosed.

According to the agreement, the program will be entirely under Panama’s control, with the US having no say in who is deported. The deal aims to reduce the number of migrants being smuggled through the Darien Gap, often en route to the United States, and to deter irregular migration in the region and at the US southern border.

The US National Security Council described the efforts as designed to “halt the enrichment of malign smuggling networks that prey on vulnerable migrants.” Mulino’s foreign minister signed the agreement with the US government shortly after the president’s address, as Panama’s government emphasized the need to close off the illegal immigration route.

Madeline Leesman
Madeline Leesman
Web Editor. Madeline writes on all topics, with a particular interest in the pro-life issue, LGBT+ issues, immigration, big tech, and the coronavirus pandemic. She graduated from Belmont University in December 2019 as a double major in journalism and public relations.

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