Rep. Marcy Kaptur Caught on Video Trying to Confiscate Man’s Phone for Asking About Biden’s Cognitive Abilities


Representative Marcy Kaptur (D-OH) was caught on video attempting to confiscate a man’s phone while he asked her if President Joe Biden should step down. The National Republican Congressional Committee shared the video.

Kaptur ignored the man’s question initially, prompting him to repeat it. When she continued to ignore him, he asked why the White House was lying about Biden’s declining cognitive abilities. This led the representative to allegedly lose her temper, seizing the man’s phone and cutting off the video feed.

The man began recording again and asked why Kaptur had taken his phone. A female bystander off-camera chimed in, accusing the congresswoman of being rude and disrespectful. Kaptur finally spoke up, demanding the man’s name and place of residence.

The man refused to provide his personal information, prompting Kaptur to cease engaging with him. She began asking the man questions instead, such as where he lived. As she circled him, Kaptur continued to ask where he resided, eventually stating that she wouldn’t answer him.

A spokesperson for Kaptur’s campaign responded to the incident, stating that the representative was simply trying to protect herself from an unknown individual who was pushing scripted questions. The spokesperson claimed the man’s identity and organization remain unknown, and that Kaptur is focused on delivering federal investments to her constituents.

Separately, Kaptur’s communications director, Ben Kamens, found himself embroiled in controversy when he posted on social media about receiving a supposed “call” stating his student debt was canceled. Kamens earned over $80,000 in 2022 and publicly boasted about not having to pay his own student loans.

Olivia Rondeau
Olivia Rondeau
Digital Reporter. Previously, Olivia was a contributor at the Daily Caller, a staff writer at Foundation for Economic Education, and a Pennsylvania Campus Correspondent at Campus Reform. Prior to that, she worked in social media, research, and public relations at Arsenal Media Group. Olivia is a political science major at the East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania.

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