Brian Kilmeade: Our enemies are forming an 'evil alliance'


Fox News host Brian Kilmeade details how bad actors domestic and foreign are harming the United States on ‘One Nation.’

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  1. Yep, I agree, there have being countless of God giving dream and this happening, China, Russia, and North Korea and others, but nobody is listening, it have been said that they are going to nuke the US but once again nobody is listening, so on that note, Jesus is Coming soon. If Trump don't get in office this election all I can say it want be good.

  2. Which ones…we seem to have many enemies which is understandable. This country has been all over the planet to bully, starve into famine, slaughter indeginous and peoples from other lands with a deeper skin tone than the majority of those in America for their resources. They are not nice people to other countries and have spread hateful, racist propaganda since I was a kid about 3 major lands. Iran, China and Russia. I have had time to study and learn what the United States is all about. I dare say, anything that comes our way is a direct result of our governments hate and greed

  3. I pray for Jessica Millian Patterson's guidance to close this iron curtain. I pray she endures more in the administration she created. Project Reagan 2.0 as his soul rests, you watch. You're gonna see double quad hemi and 8 parties in sync, with 8 jets for every cylinder. So how many to endeavor if it went V12? And 6 to 8 speed? Maybe to go to much to .25:1.

  4. After these segments Fox CELEBRATES LGBT , but you cant see this part on YouTube.

    Funny how they dont include that for everyone to see.

    In short, Fox are NOT conservatives. They are liars.

  5. They are only our enemies because this and other administrations made them our enemies. Trump made respectable relationships with these countries, 'don't cross our line and you are fine'…that's how Trump handled it and things were much better.

  6. We the people feel so betrayed by both the rights and the damned left. We believe no one else, everything is about power and money, and you average people are just as Well. So be it !

  7. Wake up and sound the alarm, Brian. We're in big danger but it wont be Russia or China starting it. It'll be us Our govt and military have a city under the Adirondacks. Theyll take their families to safety before pushing any buttons and theyll be able to live there for 20 years if necessary.. but the other 340 million of us will be erased from this earth… and Russia is ahead of us. They have hypersonics. We dont have that and cant defend against it.

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