Rep. Clyburn Cancels ‘Face the Nation’ Interview Amid Scrutiny Over Biden’s Fitness for Office


Top Democrat and President Joe Biden’s ally, Representative James Clyburn, was set to appear on CBS News’ Face the Nation this Sunday, where he would likely face tough questions about Biden’s decision to remain in the presidential race. Clyburn, a key surrogate for Biden’s reelection campaign, was expected to discuss whether the president should stay the course and what would happen if he doesn’t.

However, Clyburn cancelled the interview just over 20 minutes after the program announced his appearance. The cancellation has sparked speculation about why Clyburn might have backed out, with some suggesting he may have needed time to get his talking points in order.

The cancelled interview is significant because Clyburn was likely to be asked difficult questions about Biden’s health and well-being. It’s no secret that Biden has been struggling with his physical and mental health, and some have questioned whether he is fit to continue serving as president.

Clyburn’s cancellation is also noteworthy given his importance to Biden’s political fortunes. Biden owes his 2020 South Carolina primary win to Clyburn’s endorsement, and some have credited Clyburn with helping Biden secure the Democratic nomination and ultimately the presidency. The Democratic National Committee has even scheduled the 2024 primary to ensure that South Carolina is the first state to vote.

In recent appearances on CNN and MSNBC, Clyburn has been hesitant to address concerns about Biden’s health, instead citing “preparation overload” and his opponent’s stutter. However, new reports have revealed that Biden took naps during his debate preparation, further fueling questions about his fitness for office.

Despite his reluctance to criticize Biden, Clyburn has hinted that he might support Vice President Kamala Harris as a replacement if Biden were to withdraw from the race.

Rebecca Downs
Rebecca Downs
Web Editor. Rebecca has written extensively about the pro-life issue for years. She is from Long Island.

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