Joe Biden is acting as a ‘dictator’ to forgive student loans: Expert


Economist Steve Moore argues that Biden’s student loan bailout plan is having a ‘very negative effect’ on the economy during an appearance on ‘Fox & Friends Weekend.’

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  1. The left is using the Gladius technique. It started with the election in 2020. And is still going today. I mean, don't you find it funny how everything went to poop this last four years? How trash talkers seem to be in every single corner of tha Internet, on every corner street, and every town? Basically breaking down every single thing families worked for for over 200 years to build? And now Biden and his party knows they don't have a Chinamans chance of keeping a Democrat president in office. So now it's project…F up tha country and it's economy as much as possible before he leaves. Again, don't take my word for it. Real Americans aren't stupid.

  2. Biden has been a dictator since day one with his war on oil, the border if the republicans hadn't gotten control of the house we wouldn't even have elections anymore. So the Dems use the DOJ to attack political opponents now. VOTE ALL Dems out !
    May 8, 2024 Biden: Trump is a threat to society and won't leave if he gets in….
    July 5, 2024 Biden : I don't care about what people think – – – it would take 'the Lord Almighty' to get ME to exit White House ….

  3. I didn't even qualify. I blame the predatory lenders. Most people should pay their debts or attempt to get a low payoff payments plan. The greed in this country is off the chain. Biden ain't nothing but a career politician criminal.

  4. If student loans are such a burden to repay then why are the loans still being made ? Stop making the loans. If you don’t have scholarships or cash to attend college go get a job!

  5. The Obama/Biden regime caused those high numbers by taking over all student loan programs, increasing the amount of funds available and lowering the standards to qualify for a loan. They did this knowing that millions that would not have gone to college would and at a later date democrats could dangle loan forgiveness to buy votes.

  6. Just so you know the program that forgives student loan after working for a non profit company for 10 years or the government , and not. Issuing a payment for 10 years has been around for almost 15 years now and was set up way before trump

  7. It’s ‘not’ up to the taxpayers pay others bills!!!! We paid for our child’s education so they didn’t have any loans, I am not paying anyone else’s!!!! Let Biden use all the money he’s stolen vie insider kick-backs if he feels so strong about loan forgiveness! We have an idiot for president!!!

  8. Why do they get their student loans forgiven and other people don't even get to go to university at all it's not fair I mean if I knew enough to go to university and not pay I might have gone.

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