Putin to Meet with Kim Jong Un in High-Stakes Summit


Russian President Vladimir Putin made a historic visit to North Korea on Tuesday, marking his first trip in 24 years. The visit sets the stage for a crucial summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, which is expected to focus on a range of topics, including US sanctions.

The upcoming summit demonstrates the shared vision of Putin and Kim to strengthen their countries’ alliance and counter perceived Western aggression. They will likely discuss and develop a strategy to hinder the establishment of a multipolarized world order based on mutual respect for justice.

Last week, Kim sent a message to Putin to mark Russia Day, expressing a desire to forge meaningful ties and close comradeship. Moscow responded with a message expressing a desire to cooperate with North Korea in all possible areas.

The summit is expected to culminate in the signing of a new strategic partnership agreement, designed to enhance stability in northeast Asia. The agreement aims to modernize older cooperation documents signed by the two countries in 1961, 2000, and 2001.

The two countries are also working on developing trade agreements that are separate from Western regulations. In an op-ed published in Rodong Sinmun, Putin announced that Russia and North Korea will cooperate to form new trade and economic systems that are not controlled by the West. He also labeled current sanctions against Russia and North Korea as oppressive and “unilateral and illegal restrictive measures.”

In addition to geopolitical issues, the leaders are expected to discuss ways to increase cooperative initiatives between Russia and North Korea in education, culture, and tourism.

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