Pastor goes viral after thanking Trump for coming to the 'hood'


Pastor Lorenzo Sewell joined ‘America’s Newsroom’ to discuss Trump’s visit to his community while his popularity surges among Black voters and Biden’s plummets.

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  1. Since you’re a black man, did you ask him to apologize to the central part five you want me to believe the justice system is rigged against a rich white privilege all his life white man NO the justice system is rigged against Black people not Trump black America. Wake the hell up WAKE UP!!!!!

  2. An 34 felony counts convicted adjudicated rapist running the U.S. is the last thing the U.S. needs. That so called pastor is probably as corrupt as a $8 dollar bill many of them are.

  3. We shouldn't think of it as " The Hood ",But rather a piece of America/a piece of our country that ought to be looked after by all President and Citizen.A President/a Commander in Chief is the Overseer of all under his care,defend and protection.🇺🇸😊👍

  4. No other Presidents have done what Trump has done! He is going to places where people are truly hurting and he talks like a normal person not like a Politician! The only thing Trump has to say is "were you better off 4 years ago?" While Trump is going to the "hood" (as the pastor said) Biden is in LA rubbing elbows with the elite RICH actors and Billionaires! Biden thinks that he can influence people with famous actors. Lets remember that pretty much more than half the Country wants Trump back and Biden having these actors on his side just makes us mad leading a lot of us to no longer support or watch any of their films! I realize Trump has had some big money donors but not the ones with the "big name" attached. Dems for the rich!

  5. People don't realize that Donald Trump is currently the president, and he's going to be the president regardless of who wins.

    Look at the stock market. Look at the inflation reduction act, or the chips act that brought manufacturing jobs back to America, strong policy decisions that help everyone.

    Do you really think Joe Biden did that? No. It was Trump.

    In fact, I kinda hope Joe Biden "wins" again, I'm Rather enjoying watching them pass Trump's agenda while thinking it's their own.

  6. Chrisly knows best tv series just went into prison for 10 years for The same exact thing except him and his wife only stole 30 million dollars and not 300 million dollars Donald Trump also did this more than one time…. But something more despicable than that just put in the search box on youtube ……Trump pays $2 million(by court order)…… That happened when he was President it's mind-blowing what he gets away with

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