Party in Crisis: Carl Bernstein Reveals Democratic Lawmakers’ Fears About Biden’s Re-Election Prospects


On Wednesday, veteran journalist and CNN contributor Carl Bernstein expressed concerns on CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360 about the prospects of President Joe Biden’s re-election campaign. According to Bernstein, many Democratic lawmakers in the Senate and House are privately expressing doubts about Biden’s ability to defeat former President Donald Trump in November.

Bernstein stated that Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer is hearing from various sources, including donors, senators, and House members, that the party needs to ensure an orderly process for selecting the best candidate to take on Trump. He noted that there is widespread skepticism among Democrats that Biden is the strongest candidate for the job.

Cooper continued that a significant movement is underway within the party against Biden running for re-election, including among senators and House members who are close to Schumer. Bernstein described this as an unprecedented situation, with Schumer working to prevent an internal party rift from emerging.

Bernstein added that the prevailing sentiment among Democratic lawmakers is that Biden is a weak candidate against Trump, a perception that has not changed since their debate. He noted that Schumer and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi are aware of these concerns and are exploring alternative options.

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