Hannity: This is a ploy to keep 'control of the White House'


Fox News host Sean Hannity says Democrats do not like that ‘they are going to lose’ on ‘Hannity.’

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  1. You know it's getting bad… when a comedian is the only one laughing at their own jokes. Lemme see if I'm understanding this correctly… Geographically speaking… China is a bigger country than the USA… China is just across the Pacific Ocean… Because China is a bigger Country than the USA… it would be basically wrong for China to invade the USA. I bet Jill didn't approve of Kamala's speeches before hand. Did Kamala get a briefing on which NATO Nations will come to the rescue? Did Kamala ever get briefed on how many illegal male Chinese crossed our border just this FY alone? Has Kamala ever been briefed as to how many personal make up a Division? I know how to keep Kamala happy… keep her fridge stocked with vodka and leave her alone… she'll be good.

  2. If you just focus and think about the passage of time you are thinking about the past. And as you think about the passage of time during this this administration you will remember the passage of time when Trump was president. And as you look back at the passage of time you will Vote Trump 2024.

  3. What happened to America 🇺🇸? Once a great nation. With Joe and Kamala American just has to pray that it cannot get any worse, when you’ve these idiots in charge. Shame on those who gave these morons power, soon china 🇨🇳 will take over and America will be relegated to second division. 🇬🇧

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