Mayor Eric Adams Condemns Anti-Israel Protests at Memorial as ‘Pure Antisemitism’


New York City Mayor Eric Adams strongly condemned anti-Israel protesters for their actions during an Oct. 7 memorial for victims of the Israeli Nova music festival massacre, labeling the behavior as “pure antisemitism.”

While affirming the importance of free speech, Adams criticized those displaying Hezbollah and Hamas flags and carrying banners with messages such as “Long live October 7th,” referencing groups considered terrorist organizations by the U.S.

Adams also noted a particular protester expressed a wish that Adolf Hitler “was still here” because “he would’ve wiped all you out.”

“I have a moral obligation to speak out when the messages that some New Yorkers are sharing go beyond the pale,” Adams stated. “These are reprehensible and vile comments. I and every New Yorker who stands for peace, stand united against them. I always speak up for what’s right, and what we saw last night was wrong.”

Adams interrupted a Tuesday press conference to show the video and visit the exhibit.

“You do not call for peace and then come to a memorial site,” he told reporters at the exhibit. “That is like you are desecrating the graves of innocent people.”

Adams has been a staunch pro-Israel Democrat, contrasting with some of his party members who have been more sympathetic to anti-Israel protests. For instance, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) has clashed with Adams over his approach to pro-Palestine encampments on college campuses.

“Our message is extremely clear: destroy Hamas, bring home the hostages,” Adams said at an Israel Day parade earlier this month. “Let’s bring peace so we don’t lose lives of innocent people. Today you’re seeing solidarity. The loudest is not the majority in the city.”

Ocasio-Cortez condemned the protesters’ actions in a Tuesday post on X.

Israel’s war against Hamas appears poised to continue after a ceasefire offer to Hamas seems likely to be rejected.

According to Palestinian officials, approximately 37,000 people have died in Gaza since the war began, the majority of whom are civilians.

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