Jesse Watters: Biden Will Need to Rescue His Son


Fox News host Jesse Watters reacted to first son Hunter Biden being found guilty on all charges in his criminal case focused on his purchase of a handgun in 2018 on ‘Jesse Watters Primetime.’

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  1. Hate to tell Joe people did own cannons during the civil war and people own them now. Up until a law was passed in the late 20th century people could own machine guns. Tommy guns were common among gangsters in the 40s.

  2. So the justice system is fair when Hunter is found guilty but not fair when the same system finds Trump guilty? You maga people are a bunch of clowns 🤡 😂😂

  3. He should be sentenced the same as anyone else who is found guilty of the same crime. No more, no less. No one is above the law, from former President to the local dog-catcher. To his credit, he seems to accept this and isn't whining and crying like a certain other felon who was recently convicted. Just saying.

  4. Well, the Justice system is not rigged or a scam after all as convicted felon Trump, have you believe. Trump would absolutely pardon himself and his sons if they were in the same situation.

  5. Here's the thing folks. The lap top is real. They deliberately lied and tried to hide this information leading up to the elections and someone besides Hunter better be held accountable for this too. Election interference

  6. The only reason he got sentenced is to make the court system looks like it's not corrupt because of trump he is taking the fall So trump doesn't have enough ground to standone about the court system being corrupt There's no way.I believe that this wasn't done on purpose

  7. Hunter will NEVER see the inside of a jail. Even though Joe Biden said that he would not Pardon his son he will Commute Hunter's sentence. The Biden Crime Family can't afford to have Hunter go to jail, because the little rat Hunter will not last a day in jail, they know that he will spill his guts about the entire Biden Crime Family's business to save his own butt.

  8. So if Biden is as compassionate and caring as the campaign claims he is, then there are chances Biden’s judgment might be severely affected concerning his son’s fate. ….
    If Biden were as sociopathic as Trump, that wouldn’t happen.

    Ironically, American people might question his ability as president all the more they believe he is the person he says he is.

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