NY Governor Mocks Trump Supporters: ‘Clowns’


‘Outnumbered’ panel reacts to a large crowd showing up in support of Trump in the Bronx and New York Gov. Kathy Hochul vowing that the state will not support Trump.

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  1. “How come the deeply troubled women, you know, deeply deeply troubled, they’re always the best in bed?”
    – Republican Presidential nominee,
    Donald J. Trump,
    convicted rapist.

  2. These awful democrats have had ample opportunity to learn that their vile commentary turns people off. Its incredible they keep doing it, they are putting this in the hands of trump.
    its so rad.

  3. You can watch many reruns of trump saying disgusting, dehumanizing and derogatory things about the entire state of NY and all residents.
    But sure tf liar luvs you all.😂

  4. I don't mind having someone on the other side, but could we have someone who at least thinks? Leslie should not be a contributor to Fox News. Jessica can go too. CNN is calling.

  5. Who the heck is this weirdo that's on Fox she's an idiot she's one of the problems why this country is garbage I don't know how you can't see the prices of everything skyrocketing and how many people have lost their homes in businesses in our homeless because of Joe Biden The people who vote for Joe Biden they should be exiled from the United States and be kicked into a third world country because that's the way they want to live

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