Julie Banderas: Why Democrats Have Reason to Be Alarmed


Fox News contributor Richard Fowler and former Georgia Rep. Doug Collins joined ‘The Faulkner Focus’ to discuss Trump’s massive rally in the Bronx and Biden’s tone-deaf message on the economy.

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  1. The liberal talking head makes a good point, that Democrats can just say the same crap they say before every election: vote for us and sometime in the future we'll make everything better, ignore what we ignored up until now. THIS TIME we're really really going to keep our promises.

  2. Josh Hawley tweet: Last night, as my office urged the American Embassy to send help to Natalie and Davy as they were under siege, the Embassy told us it was “too dangerous” to send police. What a weak country we have become. We cannot protect our own citizens from wanton violence
    1:57 PM · May 24, 2024

    Everyone knows Josh Hawley runs toward danger.

  3. Trump will not win in these solidly blue areas, but taking 3-4 percentage points from the Democrats are still thousands of votes. Thousands of votes that determine elections in swing states like Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin.

  4. Dictators over time have spoken to large crowds.
    People go those events to behave like freaks.
    They need to reference through history the words
    and actions of strongmen of authoritarians.

  5. who would listen to a Demorat other than uniformed stupid people every time a Demorat opens ITS mouth it is ALWATS A LIE EMPTY PROMISES AND BULL S—- PERIOD

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