‘NO NEED’: Trump’s trial is over, ‘what’s the point’ of a gag order?: McCarthy


Fox News contributor Andy McCarthy joins ‘The Story’ to discuss the New York District Attorney Alvin Bragg asking the judge not to lift former President Trump’s gag order post-conviction.

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  1. It's plain and simple democrats want to betray the Constitution violated any way possible as long as it takes down Donald Trump, This is the true definition of cheating an election democrats can never win Fair.

  2. The gag order is to prevent Donald Trump from pasing on the real true news to the public. If Donald Trump cannot be silenced at his rallies, it will be a definit lose for the Democrats
    Trump 2024

  3. It's a disgrace what I've done to trump we all know what's going on here the democrats will do anything to stop Donald Trump being president I'm voting for Trump anyone votes democrats again needs their brains tested

  4. I gave Steve Bannon 50,000 to build the wall and he spent it on whiskey and trump pardoned him for it. Why isn't the mainstream media talking about it? Trump didn't build the wall, if there is a border crisis it's because trump lied to the American people to get elected.

  5. People who go to chump rally's do jobs like turn stop and go signs, clean toilets, sweep up sawdust, drive amazon delivery vans etc etc. They don't know what democracy is, they don't have an education, they are weak minded and easily duped, they are fanatical religious zealots who follow every conspiracy theory they see, yes they are paid up members of the maga moron cult

  6. The point is to protect persons from harm inflicted by Trump-supporting vigilantes. Trump knows how he incites his fan base and dozens of credible threats have been made about persons and their families who simply did and do their jobs, to whom each informed decent person should be thankful, not threatening.

  7. Of course the MAGA cult leader should still be barred from commenting publicly about witnesses, prosecutors, court staff and jurors. Why should his history of threatening, inflammatory, denigrating remarks about people involved in his legal cases be ignored?

  8. Oh I’m a big bad DA I’m going to take on one of the richest men in the world.

    Please judge don’t remove the gag order, the Big mean orange man might say something that is true and hurt my feelings. Bragg is a waste of space. He needs to grow a pair and get over it. It’s over. Move on and let the man speak if he wants to. I would be giving you the big old middle finger 🖕🏻 if I were Trump. He has survived everything you have thrown at him so far.

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