Former Trump Adviser Says Melania Trump Could Play Key Role in Choosing Running Mate


Former Donald Trump presidential campaign adviser David Urban appeared on CNN’s “OutFront” on Friday, revealing that according to his experience with the Trump campaign, Donald Trump’s running mate selection for a potential future campaign would largely depend on the candidate himself, with input from various influential personalities.

When asked to identify possible contenders, Urban listed the current North Dakota Governor, Jim Vance Burum, as well as Senators Rubio and Don Jr., alongside radio host Tucker Carlson, strategist Steve Bannon, and Fox News personality Sean Hannity. He noted that individuals such as Bloomberg’s Murdoch family might have substantial sway over Trump’s pick, based on their past interactions during fundraising dinner events.

Urban mentioned that the 2024 presidential candidate will likely review his options at the last moment, just before the Republican convention as reported. With the abundance of possible vice presidential candidates within the Republican Party, Urban believes any chosen nominee can be effective, given that America’s voters will assess the candidates primarily based on their capability to serve as future President of the United States, as Trump’s running mate would likely handle.

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Pam Key
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