NATO Leaders Convene in Washington Amid Global Turmoil


As the 75th anniversary of the NATO alliance approaches, leaders from the Western bloc and beyond are gathering in Washington, D.C. for a summer summit. The occasion will be marked by both celebration and concern, as the alliance faces a range of pressing issues, including Russia’s ongoing war in Ukraine and China’s growing aggression.

Defense Spending Boost

The conflict in Ukraine has prompted a significant increase in defense spending across the alliance. Prior to the invasion, many member states were falling short of the 2% of gross domestic product (GDP) target, which NATO requires for defense spending. However, the alliance’s preliminary data for 2024 shows that 23 of 31 members have now reached this benchmark. Canada and Belgium are the only exceptions, failing to meet both the 2% and 20% equipment and weapons spending requirements.

Ukraine’s NATO Ambitions

Despite Ukraine’s non-membership in the alliance, the White House has signaled its support for the country’s eventual admission. The summit is expected to reaffirm Ukraine’s future within NATO, with significant new announcements on military, political, and financial support. This development is seen as part of Ukraine’s “bridge to NATO,” paving the way for future membership.

Biden’s Domestic Challenges

President Joe Biden is facing intense scrutiny domestically following his performance in the recent presidential debate, which raised concerns about his fitness for office. Several House Democrats have called for him to end his campaign, but he remains committed to running. His appearance at the summit will be closely watched, as will his ability to rally the alliance on key issues.

European Unrest

The summit will also feature the debut of new British Prime Minister Keir Starmer, who will meet with Biden on Wednesday. Meanwhile, France is grappling with political uncertainty following the election of left-wing parties, while Hungary’s Viktor Orban, a close ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin, has recently traveled to Ukraine, Russia, and China, further complicating the regional landscape.

Mike Brest
Mike Brest
Defense Reporter. Prior to joining the defense beat, he spent two years covering breaking news, and he worked at the Daily Caller in a similar capacity before that. Mike graduated from American University and is originally from the suburbs of Philadelphia.

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