Nationwide iPhone Scam Warned by Ashland County Sheriff’s Office


A nationwide iPhone scam is targeting Apple users, according to a warning issued by the Ashland County Sheriff’s Office. The scam, which Symantec Security has been tracking, involves scammers sending fake links that appear to be from Apple through SMS messages and email.

The malicious links direct users to a fake website that asks for Apple ID credentials, including CAPTCHA verification to make it seem legitimate. Once entered, the credentials grant cybercriminals access to personal and financial data, including Apple Pay.

Apple has warned users to enable two-factor authentication on their Apple IDs to add an extra layer of security. The sheriff’s office also emphasized that Apple will never ask users to disable security features, claiming it’s a scam designed to lower defenses.

These fake messages often appear as requests from Apple, such as: “Visit signin[.]authen-connexion[.]info/iCloud to continue using your services.” Recipients are then taken to what appears to be an iCloud login page and asked to enter their credentials.

Law enforcement and tech companies alike are urging iPhone users to be vigilant and avoid falling victim to this scam.

The sheriff’s office also adds that Apple will never ask users to disable security features.

Talia Naquin
Talia Naquin
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