Democratic Rift Emerges in Nevada Over Biden’s Electability


A growing rift between Democrats in Nevada has emerged regarding President Joe Biden’s electability. While Rep. Steven Horsford, head of the Congressional Black Caucus, remains committed to supporting Biden’s re-election bid, another Democratic representative is voicing concerns about the president’s ability to perform the job.

“I expressed serious concerns after the debate and still have them,” said Rep. Susie Lee in an interview with the Nevada Independent on Monday. “President Biden needs to prove to the American public that he can do the job for four more years.”

Lee and Horsford both face competitive re-election bids, with both representatives clinching a win in 2022 by under 5%. Lee’s district is particularly vulnerable to Republican gains, having won re-election in 2022 by a margin of less than 10,000 votes.

In an open letter to Democrats on Monday, Biden urged his party to come together and support his re-election. “Any weakening of resolve or lack of clarity about the task ahead only helps Trump and hurts us,” Biden wrote.

Biden rejected calls from party members to step down as the Democratic presidential nominee, arguing that doing so would undermine the democratic process. “We had a democratic nomination process, and the voters have spoken clearly and decisively,” the president wrote. “Do we now just say this process didn’t matter?”

Meanwhile, Horsford echoed Biden’s words, stating that the president is the selected nominee of millions of voters across the country, including those in Nevada.

Lee has expressed concerns about Biden’s mental fitness for office, but also acknowledged the president’s accomplishments, including historic infrastructure investments and healthcare reforms. She emphasized that these achievements outweigh the perceived limitations of the president.

The latest polls show former President Donald Trump leading Biden in Nevada by 5 points, a trend that could impact Democrats’ re-election prospects. Biden won the state by a slim margin in 2020.

Truth Voices reached out to Lee’s and Horsford’s offices for comment.

Emily Hallas
Emily Hallas
Breaking News Reporter. Previously, Emily was a member of U.S. Senator Tim Scott's communications team.

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