Michigan Town Chases Elusive Peacock on the Loose


In a bizarre turn of events, animal control officers in Michigan are facing the ultimate challenge – trying to capture an elusive peacock that is causing quite the ruckus in Saginaw Township.

The saga began when a student spotted the exotic bird on his way to Valley Lutheran High School in Saginaw County. Instead of minding his own business, the student decided to play hero and bring the peacock to school to find its owner. Unfortunately, the peacock had other plans and made a daring escape, leaving everyone scratching their heads – and some animal control officers with actual scratches, too!

Despite their best efforts, the officers have been unable to get a hold of the crafty peacock, even with a near-capture on Tuesday morning. In an unexpected turn of events, the officers found themselves in need of tree climbing skills – a first for animal control training, I’m sure.

Now, in a desperate bid to outsmart the fugitive fowl, the center is asking for donations to purchase a $150 animal capture net. Yes, you read that right – they need a net to catch a peacock. Can’t make this stuff up!

Local citizens have also tried to assist in capturing the bird, but so far, the peacock remains a free bird, much to everyone’s amusement.

As for the owner of the mysterious peacock, well, that remains a mystery worthy of a Hollywood whodunit. Stay tuned for more updates on this feathery escapade!

Associated Press
Associated Press
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