Biden Pledges More Support for Africa if Re-Elected


President Joe Biden committed to helping Africa “build back better” if he secures a second term, during an interview on Tuesday.

Speaking about his goals, Biden indicated that alongside strengthening NATO “both politically and economically,” he is “desperately focused on making sure that we deal with the…what they are calling the south now.”

“There are going to be a billion people in Africa in the next several years. We have to, we have to be a catalyst for change for the benefit, for the, for the better, we have to help them build back better, we have to help them,” he stated.

Biden also mentioned his ambition to construct a railroad across the African continent.

Biden’s assurances come at a time when Niger and Chad are expelling or moving to expel U.S. troops as they establish closer ties with Russia and China.

Additionally, the promise comes after the Biden administration allocated $320 million in taxpayer money to build a temporary pier in Gaza, which disintegrated in less than two weeks and is currently under repair for reinstallation.

Kristina Wong
Kristina Wong
Pentagon Correspondent.

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